Masala Pastes
Curry Masala Pastes

Anoint the dish with the Priya's aromatic curry masala pastes available for wide range of preparations be it the biryani, veg curry or non-veg curry. Priya Foods provides a delicious spectrum of masala pastes, easy to cook and fresh to eat. 

Pulihora Paste

Pulihora occupies a mythical enigma in the south Indian cuisine. Shining in yellow and solidified with tamarind, groundnut and green chilli, the wondrous Pulihora authentically goes through a complex cooking process to be deftly handled. With Priya Puliora paste, the journey is cut down to the last mile. Just add the paste to the pipe hot rice along with fried peanuts or cashews and serve it on the plate, the bliss is unending.