Masala Powders

Priya Foods unleashes the rustic aura and appetizing fragrances of the masala through powders that give the explosive touch to the dishes. Simple to add and sizzling to let go, Priya Masala powders are a delight to add to every meal from the trademark south Indian sambar powder to rasam powder to the red hot garam masala powder.

Priya Masala powders are available in pouches, are handy, ready-to-mix, and convenient to use. So cook, mix and enjoy.

Curry Masala Powders

Making the Indian curries a merrily simple and fast to cook while retaining the mystique taste. Priya Foods presents a wide range of curry masala powders with prime ingredients to make the curries tastier and tickle the taste buds. Priya Foods curry masala powders cover a variety including chicken, meat, fish and tandoori masala.

Traditional Powders

Imagine a typical Andhra breakfast with the ghee-drenched idlis accompanied by the dark spicy Guntur Nallakaram or a traditional meal with the hot rice and hotter powder creating the eternal feast. With Priya Foods it’s always time to sprinkle the mouthwatering and mesmerizing bouquet of edible powders and make the taste infectious and indispensable.